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How to become a Freelance WordPress Developer?

December 27, 2015

Staying unemployed or attending an MNC job have started to hold a very likable kind of job satisfaction nowadays. So, if you feel like your programming skills are unable to earn you the right kind of life, then it’s time you look into the work profile of a Freelance WordPress developer.

Why Freelance WordPress Developer?

It’s not like you cannot think of other means of freelancing, but over the time, WordPress has turned into the paradise for online entrepreneurs. With the degree of freedom that one can avail here, people have created their beautiful websites, blogs and apps via this free platform. It is what turns a freelance WordPress developer into a priceless asset for many dreamers.

What to expect?

Freelance WordPress Developer development

When you know that WP offers world renowned services with both free and paid options, there should be no bar on expectation whether it is the job requirement or its respectable compensation. A freelance WordPress developer needs to exploit his programming knowledge for creating WP themes, templates, plug-in tweaks, or an entirely new feature.

You will be using PHP and HTML development for creating micro sites and their landing pages, or maybe you will have to incorporate CSS into WordPress themes. It’s not like you just have to level the code, rather your assistance can extend throughout the development process of multiple server configurations.

Who can be a developer?

freelance wordpress developer programs

Anyone, but with certain special qualities. If you really wish to fly as a developer then make sure that your wings are wide enough to cover for an expert knowledge of WordPress along with strong programming skills. WP skills include writing lines of code for creating Plug-in, developing themes, or manipulating the API layout.
Besides a well-organized plan, these versatile tasks demand a strong PHP development skill, efficient use of SQL commands, and a good lot of experience with building HTML/CSS across the major browsers. HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and XML are said to be the foundation of an ideal WP developer.

Promising Portfolio

freelance wordpress developers work

Being freelancer in any ways is a creative job and requires a constant improvisation. Otherwise, the tides of a consistently changing digital market can take your rankings for a dive.
So, keep an open portfolio that reflects a multitude experience even if it isn’t directly relevant to WordPress. May be your previous work could reflect your managerial skills or punctual delivery?
Diversify your niche by expanding to specialized skills like developing Sidebar widget, custom writes panel plug-in, transferring data to WP, and re-implementing designs from another system.

Things to follow


If you really think that you can hit it off as a WordPress developer, then you should start working on how to become a successful one. There are very competitive programmers in the market; some are employed at IT firms while others are planning to become developers.

Make yourself unique by almost never turning down incoming projects. If something new turns up, then it is only a paid opportunity for learning new tricks. I would also suggest you to consistently follow other WP developers through their blogs and recent breakthroughs, for better ideas.

Peeping into latest WP conferences will keep you interested. You can also hone your skills by enrolling in WP University and going through study materials at WordPress Codex. It’s like preparing for an exam; only here you are going through study time for some real money.


My Flickr Photostream

December 9, 2015

I just started taking photos since November 2015 with a new Nikon d3300 with 18-55 mm lenses.


WP Themes

Top selling Premium WordPress themes

April 5, 2015
Premium WordPress themes

Premium WordPress themes are great for the business. Very attractive outlook, hundreds of options help developer to setup a new business more faster than before. These templates are very useful for personal or business blogs, corporate websites and online magazines/newspaper. Usually there are hundreds of digital agencies develop these by employing highly professional UX designers, wordpress developers and Graphic designers inhouse. Continue Reading

WP News

WordPress 4.2 Beta 4 Available to use

April 5, 2015

WordPress 4.2 Beta 4 is now available for download. But as its still in the process so it is recommended to use for testing purpose, should not be on Production level. For testing there is a WordPress Beta Tester plugin or you may download the beta version here.

The below features can be found in this upcoming version:

  • Incrementally improved the experience when accessing the Customizer on mobile. Please test on your mobile devices and let us know if anything seems wonky.
  • Added the ability to make admin notices dismissible. Plugin and theme authors: adding .notice and .is-dismissible as adjacent classes to your notice containers should automatically make them dismissible. Please test.
  • Fixed some reported issues with backward-compatibility issues caused by the modularization of core JS files.
  • Removed the ability to swipe the admin menu open and closed on touch devices due to reports of some issues with built-in history navigation on certain platforms.
  • Improved accessibility of the WordPress admin by adding landmark roles. Screen reader users: please test in any core admin screens.
  • Various bug fixes. We’ve made more than 90 changes in the last week.

About WordPress

March 2, 2015

WordPress is the largest self-publishing blogging tool which is free and open-source initially came out on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a friend of Mullenweg, suggested the name WordPress.[Wikipedia]This system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPLv2 (or later) and also the official successor of b2/cafelog. Continue Reading

Security WordPress

Secure a WordPress site

February 27, 2015
Wordpress security

WordPress is the number one blogging platform tool around the world now a days and some statistics says around 65%share of content management system has been occupied by this tool and day by day hundreds of new attractive themes being designed by the designers and developers.
So parallelly the sites are looking by the hackers and may be in the risky zone unless you are careful and takes some necessary precautions! Continue Reading


installing a wordpress theme in localhost

February 25, 2015

If you wanted to install a WordPress theme on your local machine then either you can use XAMPP or MAMP(For MAC only). As a Windows user i have been using XAMPP since 2009. As XAMPP runs on localhost you don’t need any INTERNET connection during your practice session or for developing themes and its the best practice so far to use the local environment before taking them to live.

Installing XAMPP

I use  XAMPP, an easy to install apache distribution from Apache friends. Once we had to configure Apache and MySQL manually to run PHP programs but this free program helps thusands of people installed Apache and MySQL in just 5 minutes. Here are some screen shots which might help you.

XAAMP Program Components

XAAMP Program Components

In the Select Components window you will get several important tools for setup. In the Server tab just select Apache, MySQL and then PHP and phpMyAdmin and click Next >


After you are selecting a couple of Next you will see the Program has started Installing. and Finally Its done.


This is the XAMPP control panel, you have got after the installation has completed. Please Just select Apache and MySQL by clicking the START buttons.

Below are a couple of short videos which might be useful too. Take a look.



Installing a WordPress Theme in Local Host

After the WordPress tool has been successfully installed in the local server, now its time to choose a basic theme. In your wordpress site we have got Some pre-installed WordPress themes ready to use[They are namely Twenty fifteen, Twenty fourteen, Twenty thirteen theme] or we may install a fresh one from outside.

In this tutorial we will install a very popular free wordpress and its name is hemingway.

So the first thing you need to do for installing a WordPress theme is to login to your admin/Dashboard page. When you are there, Click on Appearance and then to Themes.

Installing a wordpress theme - 1

In this page you will find all the pre-installed themes came with the WordPress pack. As we need a fresh one and we will get a hemingway theme so simply click on Add New Button.

add themes-upload theme

When you click on Add New the next page will appear is to Upload Theme box shown in the left side. If you have the theme already downloaded you can upload from here, or you can write, “hemingway” in the Search Themes box. If you do the later, hemingway wordpress theme will be loaded in a second or two.

Now click on Install. and if you do  then the theme will start downloading into your theme directory. It will take less than a minute depending on your Internet speed.

install theme

hemingway wordpress theme installed successfully


Now the theme has been successfully installed. The clear step next is to Activate the theme. So click on the Activate Button. If you do, the thing will happen next is the Theme will be activated and would be ready to use.

theme is activated

Perfect. Now you can go for customization you need to do. Set your site’s name and tagline and do some important things.

The installing a wordpress theme is now completed. If may need to know what you have to do next, take a look this post.